Saturday, February 21, 2004

2/21/2004 3:22 PM

The Election is so close now! Rosario has moved up in the polls quite a bit. Last I read Bill Jones was at 24%, while Rosario was at 12%, with a large number of people still undecided. There are a lot of people who don’t have a clue and don’t care. Hopefully they won’t go with the familiar name of Bill Jones. Jones only raised a little over $300,000, while Rosario has reached $1 million! Get out the word to vote for Rosario Marin on March 2nd! She is the only candidate that can beat Boxer!!

As for the propositions:


55 NO!
56 NO! NO! and NO WAY! (Lowers the voting requirement to 55% from 2/3rds!)
57 YES! (This better pass or we’ll be hit with higher taxes!)
58 YES!

I currently have no Internet connection. Lovely. Happy Friday!

Anyway, I wanted to post an e-mail I received the other day from Captain Rice. He says it well……..


I have officially landed in Kuwait, never to return to that accursed country called Iraq. Though I would never call it much of a country. M any a time I looked out across the great expanse of nothing and thought to myself or said out loud to no one in particular, "They can Keep it." I am in Kuwait for the next 30 plus days as the vanguard element for the 82D ABN in planning for their re-deployment outta here...

I trust all of you are well and have endured the long hard winter. We are doing fine and keeping it going to the final days here. I want to thank you all again for all of your support, e-mails, packages, and prayers, it meant so much more than any of you will ever know.

I will leave you with my final thoughts as I flew over the vast Iraqi desert, heading south and the first steps toward 'home'...As I looked out of the window, past the door gunner, starring down at the primitive mud huts and seeing the shepards tending to their flocks. I saw so many children and even adults waving and jumping with joy as we flew over. I also thought that there are others waiting in the midsts with RPGs waiting to shoot us down. I mulled over, we have handed them one of the most precious of all gifts, we have given them freedom. Like the two Iraqis in my thoughts so it is in this country some accept the newfound freedom joyfully, others shun it, possibly out of fear of what they do not understand or have never known. I thought, so we give them their freedom, the rest is up to them, whether they use it to build a new world, or throw it away and remain the savage people I had seen so many times...So many things left for time to tell. Time is the great equalizer, we will see if they will truly live it well....

Safe Journeys,

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Well, mother, grandparents and baby are all doing just fine. Courtney came home from the hospital on Friday. There’s a picture of the baby under “messages” on deva’s website.

Friday night I went with some friends to the Grand Opening of “Club Vegas” in Costa Mesa. They handed out 1,000 VIP passes for the 7pm opening. Of course they had us all lined up around the building so they could take pictures and film the crowd for obvious reasons. Luckily we were in line with the wife of a manager of the club who got us in a lot faster. I just hate to wait in a line! The place is nice inside, I think they spent somewhere around a million dollars on the place. That would explain the $8.00 Red Bull I got to go with the $9.00 Stoli. That’s a bargain though compared to the $500 or $1,000 booths you can rent for the evening around the dance floor. They do have cocktail waitress service up there though, which is where I preferred to sit. Anyway, it was a fun place to go dancing.

We registered 21 Republicans yesterday in front of Target in Irvine. That brings the tally to 50 Republicans registered in a week! I did convert one Democrat to re-register Republican on Friday at deva’s. He even said he would vote for Rosario Marin-yeah!

I’ve got to get to Trader Joes and do the shopping in time so I can watch the All- Star NBA game tonight. Maybe it will be interesting.