Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I received a "FareWatcher" alert from Travelocity today. It's only $241 round trip from LAX to Cancun, Mexico. Hotel rooms are as low as $33.33 a night. Wow, what a deal! I can only imagine that trip......... I guess you'd have to sky dive out of the plane since the airports are closed and camp out under the downed power lines littering the streets. Doesn't anyone check this stuff before they e-mail it out?
Great! My cat just brought me a present, now I'll be cleaning up bird feathers for a week again. In his attempt to adjust to the death of his companion of 13 years he has decided to meow constantly while following me around. Earlier I made the mistake of giving him turkey for breakfast to shut him up. When he didn't get it for lunch, he started biting my feet, jumping on my desk, and now bribing me with his kill. Such the great hunter! So anyway, I had to give the little monster some more turkey to get the bird out of his mouth. Guess he's not stupid.
Well, back to work.