Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I haven't written that much lately due to the fact that it just kills my back to sit here at my desk for very long. Actually today it hurts no matter what I do so here I am. Now it feels like a fire is rushing down through the left side of my leg from my back, lovely.

Anyway, I just noticed a documentary on the Recall "How Arnold Won the West" has been released. After reading the reviews let's hope I'm not in that one! I know I signed a few different releases for various documentaries, but I have no idea where that footage ended up.

I just finished my DE 7 and my 940EZ FUTA tax returns. Those were the final 2 I have to do myself for 2004, yeah! I just figured out that you can now submit your DE 6 and DE 34 online. I know that's just thrilling to everyone, but anything that makes paperwork easier when it comes to EDD makes me happy! I'm still doing paperwork regarding an employee that filed for unemployment benefits after working a whopping 10 shifts before quitting in 2001! It made it all the way through the courts before I got a favorable ruling to reverse the charges on my account and it still shows up on my statement that I got charged. Unbelievable! I've protested and called for 4 years now. I guess EDD figures eventually I'll give up. No one can imagine how much paperwork there is for one little bar, it's a full time job. Several of my patrons think I sit at home all week long lounging around in my pool of money. I just try to make sure all the bills are paid so when I get to deva's I know there will still be booze for me to drink! Trust me, by the time I get to work I need one! What they fail to understand is that I can't work all day and then go to their place of employment get drunk, obnoxious, stupid, unreasonable, and bitchy to make myself feel better and then run a tab and not pay for the pleasure of doing so! That's why I need to bartend a couple days a week and be really mean to them, it's a self prescribed sort of venting that makes me feel better. Okay, I'm not really mean, just brutally honest. Maybe a bit of politically incorrect humor, a smart ass comment or ten. Oh, and bossy, yeah. Sort of nagging when it comes to tabs. Okay, Mean. I'm just going to stick with mean, in a funny way:)

Since I'm on a roll.............. my new car died on Saturday afternoon. I picked up the hard top ( yeah, like I'll ever use that) and took it to the bar for storage. After removing the top, the key still being in the "on" position apparently drained the battery in all of maybe 15 minutes. I was happy! After several professional beer drinkers poked around in my car to find a button that would pop the hood, a voice stared giving me options. Nevermind that the battery is in the trunk, the engine onlookers and myself were a bit surprised. After figuring out that there was an operator somewhere to help me I was somewhat relieved. "Little Al,"our in house mechanic that has a tendency to fall asleep under the big rigs that park at the end of the parking lot, was swaying there with jumper cables in hand ( still trying to locate the battery under the hood). The friendly lady came on and told me I was in heavy snow and she wasn't sure they would be able to rescue me. They didn't have their system updated yet and my car came from Pennsylvania. After telling her I was in California she looked me up on the GPS and let me know I was in Tustin. Thankyou. Now why did the people at the dealership try to sell me "Lo Jack?" Anyway, a little while later a nice man pulled up and dropped a new battery in for me. At least I wasn't somewhere in the dark by myself when it happened. But come on, how is my car certified pre-owned and they didn't test the battery? I still don't have the floor mats, a working second key, and a date to fix some minor damage on the front spoiler. Here we go again.