Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I was listening to the Secretary of State of Ohio, Ken Blackwell, today on the Rush Limbaugh show. Sounds like Ohio is waking up and voted against Governor Bob Taft’s plan to issue up to $500 million in bonds for high-tech business companies. The people want tax reductions and fewer regulations on business; sound familiar? Spending is out of control everywhere it seems.

I am attending a meeting tomorrow where Todd Spitzer will be speaking. He was an Orange County Supervisor, and is now an Assemblyman. I met him several years ago at a TGIFridays golf tournament. The restaurant in Orange used to put on a tournament every year benefiting Orangewood Children’s Home. It was so much fun, I didn’t miss one year of it. Actually their first tournament was the first time I actually played golf. On the way to the course I stopped at a golf shop and they were laughing because I walked in and asked, “What do I need in order to golf other than clubs?” They asked when would I be golfing, to which I applied, "I have a tournament in 20 minutes!” Anyway, I got shoes, tees, balls, and a glove and I was all set. I guess that’s just me; the best way to learn something is to just jump right in! Back to Todd Spitzer…………My first impression of him back then was that this guy wants to be President someday. Who knows, it could happen. I’m looking forward to listening to him tomorrow. I’m going early for a demonstration on the new voting machines. I’ll have a full report tomorrow.

I offered to volunteer for Chuck DeVore’s campaign for 70th district Assembly. He is a well-qualified, intelligent man, with incredible public speaking ability. I hope I have enough time in my busy schedule to actually help out and see how a real campaign works.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

It’s off to bartend again today. The fires, and now the rain are making everyone and their children sick. I have a feeling I’ll be working a lot more this month. I don’t mind, saves me money, but leaves me less time to really involve myself with politics. I’m sure I’ll find time somehow to stay active. I had three new customers come in yesterday asking about my run for Governor, people are so fascinated by the entire event. It’s fun to meet all these new people; I think they get a kick out of a gubernatorial candidate serving them a cocktail.

It’s so cold now; overnight it seems to have turned into winter. I turned the heat on in my house for the first time this season. I’m always so cold; I don’t know how I lived in Ohio for so long! I keep the house at around 75 degrees. Anyway, I better get to work and serve up those drinks!